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What Will You Learn?

  • Trainee will be able to create and use no custodial wallets on Ethereum (and EVM blockchains).
  • Trainee will be able to connect to web 3 websites that are based on EVM.
  • (Optional): Trainee can buy course certificate as an NFT. The certificate provides users with an additional 50% discount on NFTs and remote 1-1 coaching services the Trainer provides.
  • (Optional): Trainee can buy tokens on EVM.
  • (Optional): Trainee can buy a voting right on a DAO.


  • Basic knowledge of Internet
  • English B1 or better
  • Internet connection
  • Google Chrome
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • NFT Certificate
  • 11 Lessons
  • Beginner
  • English
  • 4.0 Rating
  • +100 XP

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Course consist of total 16min of content, in total.

Section 1: Basic Blockchain and Web 3 Definitions
Blockchain Technology
Custodial/Non-Custodial Wallets
Smart Contracts
DAO- Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
NFTs- Non-Fungible Tokens
Section Assessment
Section 2: Connecting To Web 3
Step by step how-to create a non custodial wallet on Metamask. And how to add a blockchain network to your wallet.
Step by step how-to connect to a web 3 site. Connect to this web 3 site ( using your Metamask wallet.
Optional: Connecting To A DAO
Optional: Buying An NFT
Section Assessment

About the Instructor

Co-founder/Executive Board Member/Advisor for several startups/Technical Colleges/Blockchain Projects in Estonia/Georgia/Australia/Saudi Arabia/Egypt/British Virgin Islands. 20+ years of experience in education, TVET, blockchain, business, and project management. 3 Master's degrees in International Education, Executive Business Administration, and Digital Currency (and blockchain). PCC/Certified Executive/leadership/Transformative/Team Coach.

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