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What Will You Learn?

  • How does Ajax Work
  • How to Update Your Browser Window
  • How to Monitor Server Responses to Various Process Completions
  • How to Apply the XMLHttpRequest() in JS
  • How to Work With XML Objects in DOM


Section 1: Ajax Development Course
Sending synchronous requests
Call back function
Xml parser function
Xml parser advanced
Building your php database (screen) 1
Building your recommendation system (screen)
Checking your work
Building our database project 1
Finishing up the project and conclusion
BUILDING your database in php (screen)1



  • A Text Editing Software

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It’s not often that premium skills in coding and marketing would fit into one person. But that’s the case with Naga Rakesh Chinta! Imagine an instructor who’s made a career in the world of programming, and then created and continues great marketing strategy both for himself and for others. So, if you want to follow the lead of someone who’s more than a one-trick pony, Rakesh might be a role model for you.

Naga Rakesh Chinta has been strong-willed to learn from the best teachers in top-rate world-class universities, such as Harvard, Sanford, or Michigan. That’s where he’s got the formal education majoring in data science, business, entrepreneurship, strategic management, computer science, and mathematics. That’s a lot for one person! But Rakesh has proven it possible.

Having collected that much of knowledge and experience, Rakesh is joyful to share it in online courses here on BitDegree. You may use the opportunity to learn a broad scope of topics from how to reach massive amounts of Facebook users to marketing strategies on Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, to building UI/UX! Naga Rakesh Chinta is a versatile professional with solutions for anyone who wants to achieve success in their careers in the modern digital industries. Join his courses, and bring your career to the desired level!

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