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  • Use Unity to Build and Customize Terrains with Trees, Grass, Water, Rivers, Lakes, or Snow
  • Use Unity to Build Villages in No Time
  • Use Unity to Customize Villages, Houses, Roads, Fields, Animals, Lighting, Accessories, Statues, Carts, Marketplace, Fountains, Chimneys, Mailboxes, and Much More.


Most games need a world to function properly. Creating a game world might seem like a daunting task, but there are tools already built to make your job as a game developer easier. One of them is Unity World Generator. So jump right! Learn Unity basics and discover how to utilize the generator to build your games faster and easier.

Powerful Tool for Fast Game World Creation

This Unity tutorial will teach you how to create beautiful worlds with just a few clicks! You will learn how to use Unity World Generator to make unique and immersive environments in minutes rather than months or years of time. By taking this Unity 5 tutorial, you will see how to make a fully working, unique village that you can use while creating your own video games. Unity World Generator is a great tool that will allow you to get a head start and work on customization rather than the creation of your worlds.

This Unity tutorial takes less than an hour to finish and could save you a lot of time in the future. The course is based on efficiency and is made for both beginner and intermediate Unity users. That means that you will learn the most crucial facts without burdening yourself with useless information. And you will be learning from a true professional in this field. Your tutor Yohann Taieb has been helping enthusiasts to learn Unity for years. Furthermore, he's a developer of over a 100 successful mobile games and apps. Rest assured, you're in good hands!

Short Lessons for Beginners

If you've never used Unity before, don't worry. This Unity tutorial guides you through every step of the way. Yohann will even show you how to install Unity as well as where to find the Unity World Generator and how to open it in the game engine. Every step is explained in a separate video lecture, so the information is effortlessly digestible and easy to follow. After the very basics, you'll find out how to generate terrains, customize them, add trees, lakes, rivers, and snow. Also, this Unity tutorial will explain what you can do with terrain algorithms as well as how to generate a village.

This course teaches how to use Unity and a custom-made tool in an extremely short period of time! After you finish this Unity 5 tutorial, you'll be able to use most of the premade world generators with ease. Therefore, even if you're not a fan of medieval style villages and mountains, this course is right for you for educational purposes.

No. 1 Game Engine in the World

Unity is a brilliant game engine that has a lot of cool features. Since it's the most popular game maker in the world, there are many nifty assets and tools created for it. You can find this content in Unity Asset Store or on individual developers' sites. A lot of those assets are free to use, and they will make your life as a game creator a lot less stressful. Therefore, if you're a beginner to game designing, Unity might be the best game engine for you.

The good news is Unity isn't that hard to learn if someone is helping you. There are tons of Unity tutorials on BitDegree waiting for you, and most of them do not require any prior coding or designing knowledge. The majority of Unity courses on this site use only free software too! By learning from this Unity tutorial and others, you can instantly kickstart your career in video games industry. So, don't waste any time!

Take your game development skills to the next level. Start this course to master the Unity World Generator and begin working on the fun stuff like characters, bosses, and items while the worlds get made automatically.


  • Windows PC, Mac OS, or Linux


Section 1: Unity Tutorial: Learn to Generate Unique Words Quickly 43:42
  • Download and install Unity 3D 5
Section 2: Extra material

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