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What Will I Learn?

  • Build a Side Scrolling Beat Um Style Game in Unity
  • Basics of C#
  • Adding Sound
  • Thinking like a Game Programmer
  • Creating 2d Game Art in Photoshop.


There is no better way to learn Unity game development than actually making a game from scratch. This Unity tutorial will teach you how to create a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up style game using C# programming language. It's a win win win situation!

Start Building Your Portfolio

With the help of this Unity tutorial, you'll learn C# (sometimes called C sharp) - one of the most flexible and popular programming languages. Also, you'll find out a lot about Unity game development. And instantly after finishing this course, you'll have a fully realized game in your portfolio that will impress your friends and employers!

Also, in this case, the phrase "from scratch" really means just that. This Unity tutorial isn't only about coding. After learning C# as well as how to use Unity's assets and editor, you'll also be shown how to add sound effects and create your own game art using Adobe Photoshop CC.

Through this exciting course, you'll work with two brilliant teachers. Game developer Glauco Pires will guide you through the first half of this Unity tutorial. He'll make programming and using a game engine for the first time seem like child's play. After that, you'll be taught the most crucial basics of Adobe Photoshop needed in order to create beautiful art by game designer Kevin Liao.

Best Choice For a Beginner

If you want to become a game developer starting with Unity is the best way to do it. Other then the fact that it has a free version and is filled with a ton of cool functions, it's also the most popular game engine in the world. Unity is extremely user-friendly so it's great for a newbie.

Unity game development can be very simple or very complex. Unity has a lot of nifty features. Both uncomplicated 2D and extremely intricate and stunning 3D games can be created using this engine. Games like Cuphead, Ori and the Blind Forest, Rimworld, and Hollow Knight were created using Unity. I'm sure that in no time you'll be creating games like those too but in this Unity tutorial, we'll start with a simple 2D game. Therefore, even if it's your very first programming gig you won't be confused and will have a great time doing it!

The Many Advantages of Using Unity

One of the Unity features that game makers love is that it's extremely convenient for cross-platform development. Today using Unity game engine you're able to produce content for almost all most popular platforms. Obviously, you can create Pc, Mac, and Linux games. Furthermore, it allows you to develop games for mobile devices (both iOS & Android), web, consoles (Xbox One & PS4) and even smart TVs. Unity is also the leading VR development engine!

Unity has over 1.3 registered developers including such names as NASA, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, Disney, and LEGO. While not all of those companies might be creating games it shows how well acknowledge Unity is. Since Unity's community is massive, it's easier to find support as well as many useful assets. In Unity's asset store you can find many helpful tools for programming, sound & art design, and many more! This makes your development process faster and more fluent. Unity also has a very active team that keeps improving the game engine by adding new features and improving older ones.

Why Learn C#?

Unity allows you to program using three different languages: C#, JavaScript, and Boo. However, for game development, C sharp is the most popular option. C# was created by Microsoft in 2000. It is highly versatile. C# can be used to program not only games but also mobile apps, cloud-based services, and different types of software. So even if you're not planning on becoming a game developer, knowing C sharp will prove to be remarkably useful.

C# isn't that difficult to learn. It's a high-level programming language which means it's similar to English. There are many different ways you could learn C# yet it's most rewarding when you can instantly see the results of your work. That's why this fun Unity tutorial was created.

Kickstart your game developer and C# programming expert career by watching this tutorial now!


  • Download and Install Unity Game Engine 2017
  • Adobe Photoshop CC


Section 1: Unity Tutorial 7:04:42
  • 01. Introduction
Section 2: Creating Art Assets for the Game 1:55:54
Section 3: Finishing the Game in Unity 1:25:23

About the Instructors

John Bura

Web/App/Game Developer
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John Bura is a well-known education instructor since 2011. He has over 20 years of programming experience and 15 years of teaching experience. John Bura also owns game development company called Mammoth Interactive. They focus on iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5, ad game development for such companies like Nickelodeon. John is also providing consulting services on game and level design, programming and project management. In total, John and his company has taught over 300,000 students and developed around 50 games which reached top 10 in the app store.


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