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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn to Import Sprites, Together with Animated Sprite Sheets, Put Them Together in Levels and Reusable Assets
  • Learn to Develop an Easy Multi-Platform Controller to Control a Spaceship with a Keyboard and a Touch Device
  • Learn to Build Visible Game Level Components Using Gismos
  • Learn to Use Visual Debugging and Vector Maths to Control Where Objects Appear
  • Learn to Setup 2D Physics with Colliders and Rigid-Bodies



  • Install Unity 5.x, 2017.x, or 2018.x
  • Install Visual Studio, or VS Code, or Rider
  • Install Xcode and/or Android SDK, it's Optional, Not a Requirement


Section 1: Course Overview 02:02
Section 2: Introduction to Unity 26:43
Section 3: Chapter 1 : Project Setup 39:19
Section 4: Chapter 2 : Simple Ship Controller 48:26
Section 5: Chapter 3 : Game Area 1:18:07
Section 6: Chapter 4 : Black Holes and Asteroids 2:38:21
Section 7: Chapter 5 : Damage, Repair, Game Over 1:10:36
Section 8: Chapter 6 : Weapon & Score 1:09:26
Section 9: Chapter 7 : UI & Audio 3:26:18

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Game Developer, Unity Instructor, Agile Coach and Entrepreneur

With a strong technical expertise and a taste for design, I've had the opportunity to lead teams of creative people through development of innovative projects.

I'm a self-taught developer myself. I work with Unity since 2011, and was very lucky to meet with mentors who taught me a great deal about OOP. That's a lot to learn about when your background is not in engineering, though, I figured that if I could do it, anyone can.

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