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  • How to Create an Unlimited Amount of Castles and Houses
  • Understand Powerful Algorithms


Building a game and can't get over how empty your world looks but don't want to spend time on every detail individually? Does your next video game need to have many houses? No problem! There's no need to create all of the art assets personally. This Unity 5 tutorial teaches you how to save money and time by showing you how to make a game with castles and houses in it, the easy way. Take full advantage of automated Unity systems and create an unlimited amount of homes, castles and other buildings in one click!

Powerful Tool To Save Your Time

This tool is a must master for any up and coming Unity game developer. Follow this Unity 5 tutorial and learn all of the subtle details on how to make a game faster. For a one person or a small indie team, it would be practically impossible to work on building houses; games development takes quite a lot of time as it is. If you had to design every single detail yourself, a pretty simple game would take years to create. Therefore, for an ambitious project to not crash and burn you need to learn some tricks. Ant this Unity 5 tutorial will teach them to you.

Start this Unity 5 tutorial, and you will learn how to not waste huge amounts of time on building houses. Games creation doesn't need to drag on for years if you know some ins and outs! All you need is a free afternoon, and you're good to go. Some Unity knowledge is recommended but not mandatory. If you would like to learn Unity basics before starting this course, you can find many Unity 5 tutorials on BitDegree that will explain the fundamentals fast and efficiently.

From Zero to Hero

This tutorial will guide you through every step of the way. From downloading Unity to coding the house's generator, from adding animals to creating dungeons quickly, from adding treasure chests to overall adjusting the lighting. You'll learn fundamentals of coding in Unity while working on a project. Therefore, you'll instantly be able to see the results of your work and gain hands-on experience. This approach to learning is far more rewarding and allows you to develop and improve employable practical skills.

This Unity 5 tutorial was created by Yohann Taieb. He is the author of many Unity courses and has been teaching for over ten years. He is also a developer himself. Yohann created over a 100 successful applications and games for mobile devices. Over the years of working in this field, he has discovered all ins and out of video game development. Now he's sharing his insider knowledge with you. Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to learn Unity form a true professional by enrolling in this course.

Why Unity?

Many indie games, as well as AAA games, have been created with Unity. It's a powerful and user-friendly engine. Therefore, if you're a beginner, Unity is a brilliant place to start your journey. It has a free version with many nifty features and an active community that will help you to solve any issue.

Learning how to make games in Unity faster is an excellent way to boost your career chances. Unity is the most popular game engine in the world. Therefore, the market for Unity developers, designers and programmers is vast and promising. If you know how to utilize this game engine efficiently, you will become an invaluable team member in any game company that uses Unity.

Take this chance to become a better Unity developer and populate your next game with auto-generated houses, castles, dungeons and other structures. Start learning now!


  • Basic Knowledge of Unity
  • Works for Mac, Linux, and Windows


Section 1: Unity 5 Tutorial 4:23:40
  • 00. Introduction
Section 2: Extra material

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Yohann Taieb is one of the leading teachers in mobile game programming. Yohann has been a College instructor for over ten years. He has a unique style. Yohann has enabled more than 50000 students to publish their apps and reach the top spots Yohann ideas turned him into an entrepreneur, and now he is sharing his knowledge and experience by teaching iPhone Development, Swift 3, Unity 3D, Photoshop for programmers, and Android.


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