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What Will You Learn?

  • Be able to identify and fix common Unity errors quickly and effectively
  • Approach tough errors with a step-by-step strategy leading to the solution
  • Understand the debugging tools that Unity provides and use them to your advantage
  • Have hands-on experience fixing errors mimicking real-world scenarios
  • Be able to write C# code quicker and with less bugs


Section 1: Introduction
Link Visual Studio to Unity
Section 2: Basics of Debugging
Section 2 Introduction
What is Debugging?
Types of Errors
Approaches to Debugging
Examining the Stack Trace
Debug Class
Debug Log
Debug Draw Line
Debug Break
Debug Mode
What is a Break Point?
Unit Tests
Section 2 Summary
Basics of Debugging Quiz
Section 3: Common Errors and How to Fix Them
Section 3 Introduction
Null Reference Exception
Index Out of Range
Are you missing a class reference?
Expecting ____ found _____
Overload Method Not Compatible
Class, Struct, or Interface Method Must Have a Return Type
Expression Denotes a Type Where a Variable, Value, or Method Group Was Expected
Operator ____ Cannot Be Applied to Operands of Type ____
Cannot Implicitly Convert Type ____ to ____
The Name ____ Does Not Exist in the Current Context
____ is a Field but a Type Was Expected
An Object Reference Is Required to Access Non-Static Member ____
Unexpected Symbol ____ in Declaration
Parsing Error
“;” Expected
Stack Overflow Exception
Section 3 Summary
Common Errors Quiz
Section 4: Course Summary and Wrap-Up
Course Summary and Wrap-Up
Bonus Lecture: My Other Udemy Courses



  • Unity (Free)
  • Some Unity C# knowledge

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