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What Will You Learn?

  • Discover how your site is really doing


Section 1: Get Started
Why Google Analytics
Section 2: Find Out Who Is Already Visiting Your Site
Q1: Where in the world are my visitors coming from?
Q2: How are people accessing my site?
Q3: How many visitors are coming back for more?
Q4: How long are visitors sticking around on my site?
Section 3: Find Out Where Your Traffic Is Coming From
Q5: What’s my best source of traffic?
Q6: What’s my best-performing content for each source?
Q7: How do I know what search terms people are using to find my site?
Section 4: Find Out How and Where Visitors Are Spending Their Time
Q8: What content do visitors love the most?
Q9: What content is most likely to make visitors bounce?
Q10: What content is attracting the most visitors?
Section 5: Take Action
Next Steps
Section 6: Resources
Setting up Google Analytics
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