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What You Will Learn?

  • Easily work with Complete Syntax of Regular Expressions
  • Have better understanding of Regex topics
  • Create easy and complex regular expressions
  • Work with any supported Regexp Engine
  • And more!



  • No Knowledge required of Regular Expressions. This course will teach students everything about Regex from Scratch


Section 3: All about Characters 50:08
Section 4: Quantifiers and Repetitions 46:15
Section 5: Groups 35:53
Section 6: Advanced Topics in Groups 39:34
Section 7: Assertions 31:53
Section 8: Projects 1:43:11
Section 9: Bonus Lecture 03:33

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Jazeb Akram is a developer and web designer with a great passion for building beautiful new Desktop/Web Applications from scratch. He has been working as a Freelancer since 2011. He designed various Applications for many web design companies as an Out Sourcer. Jazeb Also have a university degree in computer science along with many research activities

You can read his full portfolio on his website

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