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What You Will Learn?

  • How to animate text
  • Handwriting animation
  • Calligraphy animation



  • Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator
  • Familiarity with After Effects
  • Familiarity with Apple Motion


Section 2: Simple calligraphy animation steps and its problems 20:43
Section 3: Solving calligraphy animation problems 36:25
Section 4: Animate an Arabic Calligraphy art 36:34
Section 5: Export an animated Arabic Calligraphy art 14:15
Section 6: Animate Hindi Calligraphy Art 33:18

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25 years as an Apple Technical Support and multimedia instructor.Teaches graphic design and video editing programs for the last 10 years at couples of reputed universities in Egypt.

Multimedia specialist at American University in Cairo for 7 years.

My experience as Technical support shaped my teaching techniques in straight ways to avoid beginners' problems which make students easily frustrated from computer and programs. You will see that in my course.

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