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  • How to Develop Apps for iOS8 Using Swift
  • How to Build Apps from Scratch


Swift is a super-powerful language that is used to develop iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch. iOS development is an incredibly lucrative business, and so Swift developers are in very high demand. Do you want to develop mobile apps, but don’t know where to start? If you would like to create mobile apps which look and feel polished, then look no further. You should try to learn Swift programming, as it is easy to understand, and you will see yourself making massive progress after you finish this Swift tutorial.

Easy to Master

You will watch demonstrations, as your Swift tutorial instructor will share his expertise and experience with you. You will also be able to master the language through multiple exercises based on real-life situations, apps, and issues in less than one day! This Swift tutorial will grant you full access to dozens of code examples so that you have a solid base to build your code furthermore. Mobile Apps are ever-growing industry, and there is no platform more successful than iOS. Jump right into the business to benefit yourself and learn Swift programming easier than ever - with no rush or time limits.

Get exclusive access to XCode environment and learn how to use it to develop apps with Swift. As mostly everything that Apple company makes, they have a different developing language too. iOS programming language is Swift, as you should already know by now. However, its syntax is pretty similar to other app developing languages, so if you know them, this Swift tutorial will only teach you about its variable and functions, as you'll be familiar with syntax already. If you're not familiar with any languages, but you want to become a game or app developer, this Swift tutorial is an excellent place to start.

Hands-On Experience

This Swift tutorial will teach you all you have to know about iOS programming language to develop apps and games. However, your instructor will lead you through the basics first. You'll acquire the knowledge of how to work in XCode environment so that you won't get lost there. This will be beneficial if you're new to developing. If you're not, you should check it out just in case - you might find some functions you ever knew about. Later on, your teacher will lead you through the Swift language - all functions, variables, arrays, classes, and many more. These are the fundamentals when you learn Swift, so you must not skip these lessons if you want to become a successful developer. Determining the necessary steps leads towards more advanced and fun stuff which you'll be figuring out by the end of this course.

By the end of this Swift tutorial, you'll not only know about XCode environment and app development, but you'll have the required skills for any competent programmer. As you'll be trying many functions yourself (and start building apps!), it will give you the necessary experience if you want a job in the IT field. iOS programming language is not ambiguous to master, but the need of such developers is in high demand. Knowing how to build iOS apps from scratch can boost your career extremely high, knowing that Apple is one of the leading companies for smart devices. Don't miss out on the way to benefit yourself and publish your creations in the App Store!

If you're keen to learn Swift and about its functions, this is the tutorial for you. Get ready to learn all secret tricks for becoming an outstanding programmer in less than a day! Enroll in this course now and learn Swift programming.


  • Mac with latest OSX
  • XCode
  • Apple Developer Account
  • Interest in Mobile App Development


Section 1: Swift Tutorial 16:16
Section 2: Variables 31:08
Section 3: Control Flow 36:51
Section 4: Arrays and Dictionaries 38:48
Section 5: Functions 26:27
Section 6: Classes and Protocols 23:23
Section 7: More Swift Goodness 17:07
Section 8: iOS8 App with Swift 16:08

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