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What Will I Learn?

  • How to Implement Advanced Marketing Strategies, Which Go Well Beyond SEO, in Your Business.
  • How to Promote Your Products on Websites Like Amazon, YouTube, and Yelp by Influencing Their Recommendation Algorithms.


SEO and social media marketing are incredibly crucial for a successful business. However, there are more unique ways to boost your sales. Using unique techniques can help you outsmart your competitors and get ahead of the game. This tutorial will teach you what is strategic marketing and help you to develop an advanced website marketing strategy for your business in under an hour!

Difficult Task Made Easy For You

Learning how to promote your business efficiently is no easy task alone. There are many variables involved, and it gets harder to stand out from the crowd with each passing year. Don't worry though! This tutorial is here to make sure that you succeed in this mission. This strategic marketing course will teach you some advanced marketing strategies that go beyond SEO and social media when it comes to online marketing.

You will learn how to boost your traffic by using recommendation algorithms. SEO and social media marketing are great, but you can potentially get much more sales by having your products displayed next to other top merchandise in the category. This strategic marketing course will teach you how to use the traffic other products get and direct that traffic to your website or product. You will be shown all of the different advanced marketing techniques that you need in order to have your product recommended to others on sites like Amazon and YouTube.

Beginner-Friendly Course

Even though this course focuses on advanced marketing strategies, a newbie will be able to understand and implement them. Everything is explained clearly and steadily. This strategic marketing tutorial will tell you how to boost your profits by using recommendation algorithms step-by-step. Furthermore, all the topic are presented in short video lectures. So, you don't need to worry about getting lost. You'll always stay on track and have no problem understanding how website marketing strategy works and how to create yours.

Your tutor for this course is Alex Genadinik. He is an accomplished businessman himself and an author of three best-selling books on Amazon. So, if you're looking for an expert to learn marketing from, Alex is your guy. Alex has enabled more than a thousand new entrepreneurs to start up their businesses. His teaching style has a unique personal touch. So, you'll learn some insider secrets that Alex himself used to make his Problemio business apps successful.

Use Traffic That Other Products Get to Your Advantage

The first part of the course will focus on what recommendation algorithm is, which major sites have it, and how this type of marketing differs from SEO. The tutorial will also show you a real-life example of potential recommendations to illustrate the information better. After mastering the basics you'll move on to practical tips and tricks that will help you implement an advanced marketing strategy instantly.

You'll discover what big websites are looking for in your product and how to make your business sound appealing to them. You'll understand the importance of total engagements, reviews and how to get good ones. This course will explain how advertising can boost recommendations and how to achieve that as well as how to influence signals. You'll master different techniques of recommending your own products as well as other products to get the highest level of promotion and engagement.

Start this strategic marketing course and master recommendation algorithms in no time. Take full advantage of the traffic other products get and stand out from the crowd! Start learning now!


  • Being Open to Trying the Strategies From the Course.
  • Command of the English Language.


Section 1: Introduction 00:56
Section 2: Overview of SEO vs recommendation algorithms 10:50
Section 3: How to influence the recommendation algorithms 31:15

About the Instructor

Alex Genadinik

  • 4.5 Average Rating
  • 2,225 Reviews
  • 19,875 Students
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Alex Genadinik is an experienced instructor, teacher, entrepreneur and book author. He is an expert in software engineering, SEO and social marketing, app development and entrepreneurship. His achievement in numbers:

- Developed over 100 online courses;
- Attracted more than 100,000 students;
- Best-selling Amazon author for three times. Around 1,000,000 people bought the books;
- Consulted over 1,000 businesses;
- His apps on business were downloaded over 1,000,000 times across Kindle, iOS and Android;
- Owner of a business channel on Youtube


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