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35 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Concepts, architecture and technologies that you need to develop a modern web & mobile platform
  • Code both your frontend and backend to build a successful software


Section 1: Node.js, Express & MongoDB Basics
Node.js, MongoDB & Tools Setup
Basic Node.js Application & MongoDB Connection
Configuration & Logging
Testing Tools: Postman & Robo 3T
Middleware & API Routes with Express
Using Controllers for Code Separation
Creating a Database Model & CRUD Functionality
Section 2: User Management & Sending Emails
User Registration
Understanding JWT Authentication
User Login With JWT Creation
Securing Routes Using Passport
Sending Emails With Node.js
Sending an Automatic Welcome Email with Template
Requesting Password Reset
Updating & Deleting Users
Section 3: Developing the Business Logic
Creating the Database Models
Improving the Board Logic
Creating and Managing Tasks
Adding Comments and Attachments
Inviting Users to Boards
Securing Boards and Tasks through Roles
Section 4: AWS File Upload & OneSignal Push Notifications*
How and Why AWS
Creating AWS Credentials & S3 Bucket
Creating a Signed Upload Request
Displaying & Removing Files from AWS S3
Setting up OneSignal
Integrating the OneSignal API
Section 5: Payment Gateway Integration
Setting up Your Stripe Account
Adding Stripe Information to our Users
Creating New Subscriptions
Catching Stripe Webhooks with Node.js
Handling Webhooks for User Subscriptions
Canceling & Invoices with Stripe SDK
Giving Access to Premium Features
The End of the API



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