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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn how to Create and Develop Your Own, Personal Shopify Store
  • Learn Everything You'll Need to Know about Target Advertising and Target Customers
  • Uncover the Secrets fo Email Marketing
  • Learn About the Best Tools to Use for eCommerce
  • Learn how to Drive New Traffic by Utilizing Social Media



  • A Stable Internet Connection
  • A Computer


Section 1: Introduction To The Course 48:30
Section 2: Installing Neccessary Shopify Apps To Make Everything Way Easier For Us! 10:54
Section 3: Golden Product Research For Your Shopify Store (+ 12 Products To Sell) 45:08
Section 4: Adding Golden And Winning Products To Your Shopify Store 08:29
Section 5: Promoting Our Awesome Shopify Store With Instagram Marketing Techniques (Instant Sales) 50:12
Section 6: Driving Traffic And Getting Customers With Facebook Ads 36:53
Section 7: Generating Sales LIVE (POV Behind The Scenes Section) 27:55
Section 8: Final Juicy Stuff That Is Going To Help To Skyrocket Your Business TODAY 1:03:52

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My name is Deimantas and I'm passionate Creative Designer and Digital Marketer working on various online projects for myself and for clients (either big and smaller ones) all across the globe.
I'm working as a Digital Marketer by creating various projects across the internet and helping people to learn Creative and Money Making skills in order to help those awesome people achieve their goals online.

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