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36 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Get familiar with the basics of servers and uploading content onto sites
  • Basic HTML


Section 1: Getting Started With SEO for Content
What is SEO?
7 Steps to create Amazing SEO Friendly Web Content
Section 2: From content to a web page
The Idea
The XML Promo
How to select the right Keyword?
SEO Keyword Research Tool
How to get into the top 10 on google?
The HTML we will Work with
Picking the Domain
Section 3: Learning Basic HTML
HTML Intro
Code Editor for HTML
What you see is what you get or an Editor?
HTML, HEAD and the BODY Tags
Adding a TITLE to our Web Page
Creating Headlines (H1 through H6)
Integrating the P tag (paragraph tag)
B and Strong Tags
Working with Images
The ALT Attribute
Creating Links with the A Tag
Don't give up on your Juice
HTML Outro
Section 4: What Tools should you use?
Introduction to Tools
Tool to Monitor Ranking
Tool for Optimizing Content for SEO
Tracking (analytics) to Monitor View Progress
Install FireFox as our Testing Browser
Adding FireFox Addons for SEO Work
Tools Final Words
Section 5: Appendix A: Setting Up The Server
Disabling/Enabling URL Forwarding
Working with FTP and connecting our Site to our FTP account
Uploading our Site
Section 6: What's Next
Got a question? Join the Talk
What should you do next?



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