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What You Will Learn?

  • You'll develop Python plugins to extend QGIS functionality
  • You'll learn to use QGIS Python libraries for basic GIS data management and analysis
  • You'll develop custom GUI forms with Qt Designer and PyQt5
  • You'll practice importing basemaps from Google, ESRI, and Bing



  • Beginner skills with QGIS
  • Beginner skills with Python programming
  • Beginner skills with PyCharm


Section 1: Introduction 03:26
Section 2: Setup QGIS and PyCharm for Plugin Development 22:53
Section 3: Develop a Plugin 1:25:12
Section 4: Add Imagery Servers with a Plugin 28:55
Section 5: Wrap Up 17:04

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I have a BSc Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries and GIS and a MSc Degree in Watershed Science and Ecology. The majority of my work experience is in academic and government research where I developed and implemented numerical and spatial models for natural resources management. I enjoy teaching GIS and programming, and want to share how free, open source options for GIS analysis and cartography that can be used for basic and complex analyses without purchasing expensive software. 

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