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What You Will Learn?

  • How to Code Using Python
  • How to Make Python Data Structures
  • How to Keep Your Data Safe!



  • Windows PC, Mac OS, or Linux
  • PyCharm Community Edition 2017.2.3.


Section 2: Lists 1:10:06
Section 3: Loops 1:55:31
Section 4: Sets and Dictionaries 53:14
Section 5: Input and Output 4:00:02
Section 6: Classes 2:46:30
Section 7: Importing 1:34:34
Section 8: Project Blackjack Game 2:28:54
Section 9: Error handling 23:36
Section 10: Setup 02:49
Section 11: Data structures 1:04:10
Section 12: Manipulating DataFrames 49:23
Section 13: Reading and Writing Data 43:28
Section 14: Analytical approaches to Data 2:11:10

About the Instructor

John Bura

Web/App/Game Developer
Reviews 263
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John Bura is a well-known education instructor since 2011. He has over 20 years of programming experience and 15 years of teaching experience. John Bura also owns a game development company called Mammoth Interactive. They focus on iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5, ad game development for such companies like Nickelodeon. John is also providing consulting services on a game and level design, programming and project management. In total, John and his company has taught over 300,000 students and developed around 50 games which reached top 10 in the app store.

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