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  • Building iterators, Building and use generators, Advanced concepts of closure and Master the using of decorators.
  • Built in arguments, Using the property method and Itertools and its methods.
  • Working with stack, queues, deques and LifoQueue method.
  • Implement mutable and immutable multisets, Working with Counter module, Swapping and Reversing with Examples, How to Join items and Handling Paths, Enums, Multiple and frequent values.
  • Handling Object Size, Anagrams and Zipped dictionaries with Examples, Universally user id and more.



  • You need any computer with Text Editor or IDE.
  • Basic understanding of Python features(Variables, Loops, Conditions, Lists, Dictionaries, Methods, Object and Classes).


Section 1: Introduction to Python Advanced Concepts 04:55
Section 2: Dive Deeply into Advanced Concepts 55:34
Section 3: Additional Advanced Tips and Tricks 21:52

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