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  • How to create local notifications without server
  • How to implement push notifications with Firebase, AWS, and Cloudkit
  • How to implement simple push messages
  • Using the vapor tool for a custom-server in Swift
  • How to implement push notifications with Firebase



  • A PC or Laptop running on macOS
  • Basic knowledge of Swift programming


Section 2: Local Notifications on iOS 11 2:05:40
Section 3: Working With iCloud & Push Notifications for iOS 11 1:29:46
Section 4: Working With Firebase & Push Notifications for iOS 11 2:47:34
Section 5: iOS 11, Push Notifications, and Amazon AWS 3:08:39
Section 6: Launch Your OWN Push Server With Vapor & Swift 1:49:57

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I am Mark Price, the CEO of Devslopes. If you are a beginner at coding who wants to become a paid professional, you should be taking Devslopes interactive quizzes and exercises. After completing them, you will be able to build a strong portfolio thanks to a technical understanding of how to create custom applications.

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