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What You Will Learn?

  • Understand how projects work and be able to control your project process.
  • Deploy some of the main ways to avoid budget and schedule over-runs.
  • Define your project precisely, for your benefit and everyone else's.
  • Establish a clear scope, so you can combat the dreaded 'scope creep'.
  • Deal effectively with supporters, critics and bystanders.


2h 54m
Section 1: Project Management Fundamentals: Know the Principles and Get it Right
Section 3: Project Planning Stage: Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail
The Gantt Chart
Tools for Creating a Gantt Chart
The Linear Responsibility Chart (LRC) aka The RACI Chart
The Risk Management Process
Risk Analysis
The Six Strategies for Managing Risks
The Risk Register (or Risk Log)
Section 4: Project Delivery Stage: Don't you Love it When a Plan Comes Together!
Section 5: Project Closure Stage: Deep Sigh - You're Nearly Done



  • You won't need any software or materials other than your preferred note-taking device (pen & paper, Evernote or OneNote, or anything in between. You can even use Udemy's built-in note taking tools (which are private to you).
  • If you have any experience of projects at all, that is absolutely fine. If you do have experience, bring it with you as you watch the videos. If you don't, bring your common sense.

About the Instructor

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Dr. Mike Clayton is a business trainer, speaker, and author. He has been helping professionals, leaders, and managers to excel in their roles with leadership, management, and personal effectiveness training.
An author of over a dozen books for major publishers like Wiley, Macmillan, and Pearson, including Powerhouse, How to Speak, so People Listen, How to Manage a Great Project, The Influence Agenda, and Brilliant Time Management.
Mike has worked more than 12 years as a project management professional with the London office of international management consultancy Deloitte. Before that, Mike had an academic career in Physics, working at the world-renowned Schuster Laboratory of The University of Manchester.
Mike currently has ten courses, with a long list of successful seminars and training courses to convert into video format.

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