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What You Will Learn?

  • How to create interactive computer graphics for the web
  • An alternative way to develop Android apps
  • An introduction to computer science



  • Enthusiasm and drive to learn
  • Interest in programming
  • No special software or hardware required


Section 1: Presentation 01:31
Section 2: Design 1:00:18
Section 3: Design and Interact 18:44
Section 4: Exporting 05:59

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Ugo Vallone is happy and proud to present his rich experience to you through online courses! He’s that kind of person that you’d like to have in your friends’ gathering: knowledgeable, educated, and having interesting hobbies in life.

Ugo has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and a Master’s in Media Science and Technology. That’s not all – he’s also a PhD in Computer Science, so his educational background leaves us without any doubts of his in-depth knowledge.

He uses his knowledge and talent in teaching web and graphic design on BitDegree. Ugo Vallone’s style of teaching is very consistent, well-structured and engaging with his soft Italian accent. Learn to create interactive computer graphics for the web from Ugo – an experienced computer scientist and web design teacher.

On a different note, Ugo Vallone is also the author of a book on chess strategy – is that a hobby you have in common? Also, he’s a restless learner, and now is expanding his knowledge on Startups at Bocconi University, Italy.

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