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What You Will Learn?

  • Common control system language
  • How to design a PID controller in software
  • What components of a PID controller should be used for various environments/problems.



  • Intermediate PC skills
  • Basic Software or Python helps but not required
  • Basic Robotics knowledge nice but not required


Section 2: Setup 14:07
Section 3: Design Your First Controller 26:47
Section 4: Proportional Control 17:50
Section 5: Derivative Control 20:28
Section 6: Integral Control 16:06
Section 7: Outro 19:16

About the Instructor

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I have a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering which I earned for my research in control system design for automotive applications. At a previous job, I was responsible for designing motion controllers and stabilization systems for military tank turrets.

I also previously wrote robotic software for a startup based out of Toronto Canada.

I currently write software for autonomous vehicles in California.

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