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What You Will Learn?

  • Build a Website from scratch with PHP
  • All basic Concepts i.e Array, database, functions
  • CRUD Operation
  • Creating queries using SQL
  • How to use bootstrap in PHP



  • Server xampp OR wamp
  • Basic programming language concepts
  • Editor (IDE)
  • PC :)


Section 1: Basic 4:09:25
  • Introduction
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  • Downloading and installing XAMPP
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  • How to create the file and some information about PHP
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  • PHP script some tips about html
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Section 2: Object Oriented Programming (OOP) OR PHP5 55:46

About the Instructor

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First, let me first introduce myself. My Name is Shehzad Ahmed and I am a full-time developer with over “mention number of years” years of experience. In that time, I’ve worked as a developer with many big and small firms and was teaching web design and development skills to many keen learners and by the time passes I’ve found a great passion and potential on myself as a teacher on this particular field and now I am a full-time teacher and working as a freelancer.

Web design and development is constantly developing every day with new trends, ideas, and innovations. That’s why nowadays you need to learn and keep yourself up-to-date with everything daily and that’s what I do and that is something that I love because I am so passionate about it!

When I have spare time I use to give time to my web development community. Teaching kids, managing online programming groups, attending a conference and making blogs, I like keeping myself up-to-date and engaged in my field always.

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