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What Will I Learn?

  • How to use PhoneGap to create mobile apps
  • How to use PhoneGap Desktop apps to test other apps
  • How to store data in the ondevice database
  • How to build apps that work on iOS and Android


Do you want to have the skills to create apps for Android and iOS? PhoneGap will help you achieved that without the need to learn another programming language. PhoneGap uses JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 to help you develop the mobile app you want.
The mobile applications you will be creating with PhoneGap will be no joke. They will be full-fledged apps that will be able to do a lot. They will be able to interact with the hardware of the device like the geolocation, camera, and accelerometer. The apps will manage to connect to the operating system of the iOS or Android device to use the Bluetooth and make calls.

The PhoneGap tutorial is designed to be practical, so you will be able to follow the tips easily. We will teach you how to use PhoneGap to test your apps on your tablet or mobile device. Also, you can download the examples you will find in this course. You will be dealing with the hardware of your phone and interact with API’s that real professional developers use on a daily basis like Google Maps and Google Play.

If you have basic knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript, after this PhoneGap tutorial, you will manage to build apps with the use of Washington Transit API and the PhoneGap library. We will teach you how to integrate taps, swipe, pan and press gestures into your application, as well as, complete pre-release testing of it. Do not waste your time trying to learn new program language and choose this PhoneGap tutorial to learn how to create mobile apps with the help of PhoneGap.


  • You should have basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML
  • You should have PC or Mac


Section 1: Getting Started 44:40
Section 2: User Interface 30:06
Section 3: Storage 34:31
Section 4: Geolocation 36:14
Section 5: Media 28:21
Section 6: Device Accelerometer 13:16
Section 7: Taking Pictures 20:44
Section 8: Gestures 19:34
Section 9: Working with the Hardware 19:05
Section 10: Push Notifications 16:23
Section 11: Wrapping Up 24:17
Section 12: Building a complete App 24:29
  • 55. Looking at the UI (06:33)

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