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What You Will Learn?

  • How to write a super compelling copy that people want to read
  • How to quickly and easily structure a persuasive sales copy
  • How to sell better and more without feeling cheesiness
  • How to compel people to say 'YES!'
  • How to confidently write in different styles



  • A basic command of the English language
  • Willingness to learn and enthusiasm
  • No other requirements - beginners welcome!


Section 1: Hello and Intro! + Tools + Power Words 14:08
Section 2: Bite-Sized Fundamentals 1:06:36
Section 3: The Secret To Creating A Winning Plan 06:38
Section 4: Call To Actions 03:18
Section 5: Formulas 12:11
Section 6: Quick Guide To Headlines 18:08
Section 7: Welcome To The Pocket Guide Section And How To Use It 01:39
Section 8: Pocket Guide To Writing Press Releases 11:02
Section 9: Pocket Guide To Writing Case Studies 15:44
Section 10: Pocket Guide To Writing Emails 10:10
Section 11: Pocket Guide To Writing Web Copy 17:59
Section 12: Thank You & Bonus Resources 00:57
Section 13: Promo Video - Why take this course? 01:55

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I am a copywriter for marketing directors who don't have the time or the appetite for writing. I have fifteen years of industry expertise. I am an enthusiast of neuroscience and brevity.

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