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  • What is Node.js
  • How to Use Node.js
  • What are the Use Cases of Node.js


Node.js is a fast-growing web server technology. It is in high-demand right now, and developers who know how to use it are very competitive in the market. It is an excellent addition to your toolkit, allowing you to boost your JavaScript code through the roof when it comes to both front and back-end development. However, if you don't know what is Node.js and how to use it, do not worry! This hands-on Node js tutorial will help you develop your skills on this open source server environment, and also debug problems and avoid pitfalls in your code.

Choose What's Best for Your Website

During this Node js tutorial, you will deepen your understanding of JavaScript, as well as general IT and computing concepts. This Node js tutorial is highly practical with a strong focus on real-life problems and realistic scenarios. For example, you will learn how to make web servers or web applications using Heroku, a cloud-based app development platform. Knowing how to use Node.js will allow you to complete useful functions in web pages and apps such as creating username/password systems.

As Node.js becomes more and more popular, thousands of opportunities for specialized developers are popping up in the market. That is why you should learn node js tutorial's material - to profit yourself and deepen your knowledge about JavaScript and programming in general. Not only you can use it while working, but also, you can implement this material on your own website, you feel the need to. Node.js quickens the website's response rate, therefore making it more user-friendly and reliable.

Your Career at Its Peak

Armed with all of the basic concepts and resources from this Node js tutorial, you will be one step closer to accessing jobs and projects related to how to use Node.js. Whether you're a beginner with minimal programming skills or an advanced developer, you can benefit from this course well. You can learn Node.js functions and some secret magic tricks in less than a day or even kickstart your career if you haven't yet! Knowing what is Node.js can open you new doors in the IT field, which means that your employment rate will grow drastically just days after you finish this Node.js tutorial!

This course will be separated into a few major sections for you to learn consequently. Af first, you'll be introduced to Node.js's basic code and how to apply it to your code. You'll know what is Node.js web servers and what do they do to improve user experience on your page. After that, you'll move to try to write your own Node.js code and implement it on real-life examples, so you could a hands-on experience about this topic. And finally, you'll move to extremely advanced stuff about security. But don't worry, you'll know everything you need before you start with the complex stuff.

Be at Ease

Always feel free to stop the course if you need some more time to try it out yourself or comprehend the listed information. There will be no time restrictions or any popping quizzes to scare you. Everything is made to be clear and easy for you! You are learning for yourself, there is no need to prove someone of your skills. By knowing that, you should boost your confidence and work for yourself only!

Whether you are a teacher trying to take on the newest developments in programming, a student looking to up your game, or a web or mobile developer, this could be the perfect course for you. Enroll in this Node.js tutorial and start learning now!


  • PC or Mac
  • Internet Connection
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript


Section 1: The Ultimate Node js Tutorial: Beginner-Friendly Approach to Node.js 1:06:46
Section 2: Web Servers 50:59
Section 3: MongoDB 1:05:23
Section 4: Authentication and Security 35:15

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