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What You Will Learn?

  • Deal with API requests and responses
  • Build your own authentication system



  • C#
  • Visual Studio


Section 1: Introduction 07:41
Section 2: Request basics 27:06
Section 3: Response basics 17:31
Section 4: Security 12:00
Section 5: Authentication 3:27:23

About the Instructor

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I am a businessman with a wide range of software development skills, including .net core, MSSQL, c++ and other technologies. I have worked on the most straightforward and the most complicated projects, but no matter what the task is, the best way - is the straightforward way. Therefore, in my lectures, I will only cover the things that you will actually need. My goal is to help bring technology and business together, because there is nothing better than an all-rounder in these areas.

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