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What You Will Learn?

  • How to learn to build mobile applications step by step .
  • How to connect your UI to Python code .
  • How to create cross platform app that runs on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux & Mac .
  • How to deal with the problems in the library .
  • Know all the basics and hidden aspects of the library



  • Very little knowledge of the basics of Python
  • Very little knowledge of English


Section 1: Introduction 03:39
Section 3: Kivy Basics 40:09
Section 4: Layout 26:53
Section 5: Buttons 12:03
Section 6: Labels 11:31
Section 7: Font in Kivy 08:56
Section 8: UX widgets 23:21
Section 9: Complex UX widgets 43:55
Section 10: Clock 08:19

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A programmer with 7+ years of experience with Python and experience building applications with Kivy, and have experience in PyQt, PyGame, and Sl4A. I Build A Lot Of Android Games And Applications For My Use. And In My Work .. And I Will Upload New Courses For Kivy To Make People Able To Make Any Thing With It

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