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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn to Setup Malware Analysis Lab, Understand what Processes are Involved in Malware Analysis
  • Learn to Generate Malicious File to Hack Windows, Find Strings, Packers, Perform Live Memory Analysis
  • Learn to Hack into Android Mobile, Detect Malware, Monitor the Process of Malware, Defend yourself from Malware
  • Learn to Analyse Malware Behaviour Based on its Class
  • Learn Malware Analysis Techniques Used by Professionals



  • Motivated and Eager to Learn
  • Passionate to Become Malware Analysts
  • Basics Web Knowledge
  • Programming Skills are not a Requirement


Section 2: Introduction to Malware 11:32
Section 3: Setting Up Malware Analysis Laboratory 34:00
Section 4: Generate Malicious File to Hack Window 13:12
Section 5: Static Malware Analysis 20:11
Section 6: 30:08
Section 7: Live Memory Analysis 12:51
Section 8: Android Malware Analysis 08:37
Section 9: BONUS 06:45

About the Instructor

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Gautam Kumawat is a PRO expert in the field of cybersecurity. If you’re looking for an instructor with a deep understanding and even more importantly – with a proven record of working in top-level institutions, then you met your dream right here.

Gautam has over seven years of experience serving in prestigious institutions both in India and the US. The list includes State Police academies, Indian Army, Central Bureau of Investigation, Central Detective Training School, New York City Police Department, Interpol, and many more. His job included training officials and solving cybercrimes of profound complexity.

Gautam Kumawat emphasizes that our world is getting more cyber, which naturally means that the rates of cybercrimes are increasing. And they are getting more complicated. The only way to stay protected is to get educated. Even if you’re not working as a cybersecurity expert in a big company or an institution that keeps national secrets. He’s been escalating the topic in global media, featured in names such as Thriveglobal, Hindustan Times, India Today, and others.

Learn the art of cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and all about the darknet from an experienced expert and trainer. Gautam Kumawat has already taught over 25,000 students from more than 160 countries!

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