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What You Will Learn?

  • How to create Quadradic Bezier Curves to move Enemy Ships on.
  • How to create a State Maschine for the Enemies to make decisions.
  • How to create a moving Formation to put Enemy Ships in.
  • About Variables, Arrays, Lists, Loops, Switch and more... in C#



  • Some Unity knowledge is always helpful.
  • An open mind to understand and learn the topics.
  • Unity 4.6+ (The higher the better)
  • A passion for games or the passion to create them.


Section 1: Introduction 02:07
Section 2: The Concept 09:18
Section 3: The Path System 1:17:57
Section 4: Formation 54:01
Section 5: Spawn Manager 43:15
Section 6: Putting all Together 1:13:10
Section 7: Player Behavior 54:47
Section 8: Enemy Formation 56:30
Section 9: Enemy Diving Behavior 59:59
Section 10: Game Manager & UI Elements 1:02:42
Section 11: Game Effects 52:36
Section 12: Final Touches 1:15:46
Section 13: Conclusion, Requests, & Bonus Material 08:04

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I am OctoMan and I have a passion for games. I started to create small projects using Game Maker but now I make games and small apps using the latest and greatest of Unity3D. Unity3D has it all and with my help, you can make 2D and 3D games too!

A little about me:
I’ve always wanted to be an art teacher. So I became a certified 3D Artist. At first I spent my time creating 3D objects but then in 2004 I evolved into a Game Creator with the art skills to back it up. My goals have changed. I not only want to be a game teacher, I want to be your game teacher.

Usually I create tutorials on Youtube for free or requested patreon tutorials.

I create videos about Unity since 2015.

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