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What Will You Learn?

  • You will understand the meaning of Excel VBA to do the full automation in Excel tasks
  • You will get to know VBA automation scope and advantage of learning it
  • You'll learn basic syntaxes plus recording of macros
  • You'll work a lot on the use of Variables and their data types
  • We'll cover the questions you may expect in your job interview


6h 3m
Section 1: Macro Editors recording and basic VBA Commands
Basics - Macro Editor and Range Commands
Assignments - Understand VBA - How it works
How to Compile Data - Project
What is a Personal Macroworkbook
Introduction to Variables Data Types
Option Explicit & Variant DataType
Scope of a Variable & Call keyword



  • You should be well versed with Excel Front end
  • MS Excel installed on your machine (2007 or later)

About the Instructor

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There are not too many people on this planet that much driven by Excel as Ajay Parmar is! He’s been teaching all-things Excel from the most basic to most advanced level for more than 8 years now. And he still refers to it as his hobby and passion. Ajay appreciates the opportunity he’s created for himself to assist thousands of students in shaping their careers. He’s happy to share his knowledge locally in India and globally, using the BitDegree platform as one of the channels to reach out to an unlimited number of students.

Ajay Parmar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Maths from Punjab University. He’s created tens of different online courses where he reveals the endless possibilities of Excel – the software he’s got excellent skills in. He makes learning advanced VBScript, MS Access, and any topics related to Excel like a breeze.

On BitDegree, you can find a rich collection of Ajay Parmar’s courses where you can master visual basics for applications (VBA). Most of Ajay’s courses are beginner-friendly, so you can basically start from scratch being guided by an experienced tutor.

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