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What You Will Learn?

  • Understand the concepts of most elementary college and advanced placement statistics courses.
  • Describe patterns and departures from patterns using descriptive statistics.
  • Interpret information from graphical and numerical displays and summaries.
  • Plan and conduct statistical studies by looking at data collection and analysis. Observational studies and experiments are both considered as well as proper sampling techniques and possible biases that can occur.
  • Explore random phenomena using probability and simulation. Both discrete and continuous probability models are considered and sampling distributions are introduced.



  • Basic Concepts of Algebra I and II
  • Mastery of English Language
  • Proficiency with TI-84 Calculator


Section 1: Exploring Data 5:33:38
Section 2: Sampling and Experimentation 1:31:12
Section 3: Anticipating Patterns 6:14:57
  • Probability III
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  • Normal Distributions
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Section 4: Statistical Inference 8:52:32
  • Power of Hypothesis Test
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About the Instructor

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I am excited to impart knowledge for your entry-level statistics and AP statistics courses.

I am a graduate of the University of Nebraska where I earned my bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Actuarial Science. I furthered my education in Texas and earned my Masters of Science degree in Statistics from the University of Houston Clear Lake.

My first career began in Galveston, Texas where I worked as an actuary for American National Insurance Company from January 1985 – August 1992. After eight years in the actuarial profession, I decided to turn my efforts toward teaching. I taught the next eight years at two different public schools in the Houston area. After eight years of instruction, I switched my career path back to the actuarial field. I moved to Omaha, Nebraska for two years and worked with the Central States Health and Life Company as a valuation actuary. My family and I returned to Texas where I continued the actuarial profession, once again, for American National Insurance Company in Galveston for the next three years. I currently teach AP Statistics and college math courses for a school in the Houston area.

I am excited to bring the classroom to you. I have always had a passion to teach and enjoy it very much. I hope you find the videos both educational and helpful!

Jerry Linch

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