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  • In this course, you will learn to build web applications quickly and effectively using Ruby on Rails. This is a course aimed at people with a previous knowledge of programming, who are beginning to learn Ruby on Rails, or professional web developers who want to learn Rails.


Using Ruby programming language with the Rails framework is an increasingly popular way to create web applications. Learn Ruby on Rails! It provides a unified experience for web developers and saves them the hassle of trying to integrate various programming languages into their apps. Often, you would have to use HTML, CSS, Javascript and more to create a simple web application. Ruby on Rails will allow you to simplify this process so that you can enjoy a more streamlined experience.

One of the significant benefits of Rails is that you can work with templates to create functional, complex web apps much faster than you would use other systems. The templates will allow you to save time, providing base code and structures for you to build on — so that you do not have to worry about time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Learn Ruby on Rails! It is easy and with this practical course, you will be able to implement your knowledge straight away. The course is made up of engaging lectures and exercises that will take you from A to Z. Thanks to its ease of usage, its power, and its efficiency, it is an increasingly popular way to build web apps. Knowing how to use Rails on Rails is a super in-demand skill and taking this course you will learn Ruby on Rails how to develop it as fast as possible. Enroll and learn Ruby on Rails NOW!


  • Mac or PC
  • Internet access


Section 1: Learn Ruby on Rails: The Beginner-Friendly Approach to Ruby on Rails 3:02:47
  • 01. Introduction (04:33)
Section 2: Ruby Core 42:32
Section 3: MVC 25:37
Section 4: Models 29:42
Section 5: Forms 28:36

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