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  • You'll learn how to use PHP to structure web applications and pages, focusing on backend development. This course will take you from beginner to advanced.


Developers are usually classified into two segments: front-end and back-end developers. Contrary to front-end programming languages like HTML, CSS or Javascript, PHP focuses on back-end development. That means it is running things behind the scenes. For example, such back-end powerhouses as Facebook and Tumblr are heavily reliant on PHP. Everyone knows that in order to be a web developer, you need to learn front-end coding languages, but they often neglect back-end languages like PHP. It is a very common big mistake! In this day and age, versatility as a web developer is key! PHP developers can create plugins and customizations for some of the most popular content management systems such as Wordpress. PHP is also vital for things like online databases, shipping, shopping and CRM systems.

Learn PHP in this tutorial.

This specialization is excellent if you are a developer looking to sharpen or learn back-end programming skills, or even if you are a web designer who wants to understand and shape what’s going on ‘under the hood.’ Advanced PHP knowledge will allow you to take on complex jobs, where understanding the structural elements behind programs and applications is essential. Improve your back-end skills and learn PHP! Enroll NOW!


  • Basic HTML
  • Mac or PC


Section 2: Your First Lines of PHP 20:17
  • 01. Introduction (05:33)
Section 3: Echo and Print 12:55
Section 4: Constants and Variables 12:22
Section 5: PHP Operators 17:00
Section 6: Conditionals in PHP 14:06
Section 7: Loops 11:33
Section 8: File Inclusion 05:28
Section 9: Arrays 23:51

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