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What Will You Learn?

  • What the PHP basics and core concepts are
  • How to write tidy and readable PHP code


  • A PC or a Mac (no mobile support yet)
  • An Internet connection
  • NFT Certificate
  • 71 Lessons
  • Beginner
  • English
  • 4.4 Rating
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Section 1: Introduction to PHP
Lecture 1: PHP in Action
Lecture 2: Learn PHP
Lecture 3: PHP/HTML
Lecture 4: Semicolons
Lecture 5: Echo
Lecture 6: Strings
Lecture 7: Arithmetic
Lecture 8: Variables
Lecture 9: Comments
Lecture 10: Creating a Variable
Lecture 11: Computations
Lecture 12: Echo time!
Section 2: Conditionals and Control Flow
Lecture 1: Comparisons
Lecture 2: IF statement
Lecture 3: ELSE
Lecture 4: IF/ELSE
Lecture 5: Switch statements
Lecture 6: Switch Syntax
Lecture 7: Falling Through
Lecture 8: Using "Endswitch"!
Lecture 9: All On Your Own!
Section 3: Arrays in PHP
Lecture 1: Arrays?
Lecture 2: Array Syntax
Lecture 3: Your first array!
Lecture 4: Accessing arrays with []
Lecture 5: Accessing arrays with {}
Lecture 6: Modifying Arrays
Lecture 7: Deleting array elements
Section 4: For Loops in PHP
Lecture 1: What's a Loop?
Lecture 2: 'For' Loop Syntax
Lecture 3: Writing Your First 'For' Loop
Lecture 4: Loops + Arrays = ForEach
Lecture 5: Practicing with ForEach
Lecture 6: All On Your Own!
Section 5: While loops
Lecture 1: Looping
Lecture 2: While loop
Lecture 3: Writing while loop
Lecture 4: Endwhile
Lecture 5: Do-while loops
Lecture 6: Ending the loop
Lecture 7: Trying it out by yourself
Section 6: Functions part 1
Lecture 1: Introduction to functions
Lecture 2: Introducing string function
Lecture 3: Advanced string functions
Lecture 4: Introduction to math functions
Lecture 5: Advanced math functions
Lecture 6: Introduction to array functions
Lecture 7: Advanced array functions
Lecture 8: Try it by yourself!
Section 7: Functions part 2
Lecture 1: Remembering functions
Lecture 2: Function syntax
Lecture 3: Creating your first function
Lecture 4: Using your function
Lecture 5: The return keyword
Lecture 6: Parameters and arguments
Lecture 7: All together!
Section 8: Object-Oriented PHP
Lecture 1: Classes and objects
Lecture 2: Class and object methods
Lecture 3: Inheritance
Lecture 4: Overriding parent methods
Lecture 5: Using Final
Lecture 6: Scope Resolutions and Class Constants
Lecture 7: The static keyword
Lecture 8: Try it all together
Section 9: Arrays and maps
Lecture 1: Remembering arrays
Lecture 2: Associative Arrays
Lecture 3: Arrays as maps
Lecture 4: Accessing associative arrays
Lecture 5: Iteration of associative arrays
Lecture 6: Multidimensional arrays
Lecture 7: Try it by yourself!

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