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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn to speak intermediate English with perfect grammar!
  • Use natural native speaker English pronunciation.
  • Use advanced conditionals including past modals (vital to speak English fluently).
  • Practise and learn English speaking throughout the course.
  • And more!



  • Intermediate level of English as a second language.
  • Students who really want to speak English fluently!
  • Students who are prepared to participate 100% with this English speaking course!


Section 1: Native pronunciation of the word - YOU to YA with essential grammar 49:13
Section 2: How to use the verb TO WANT perfectly and when to use the contraction "WANNA" 30:02
Section 3: How to use GONNA with zero mistakes 38:35
Section 4: The case of the disappearing T 1:12:48
Section 5: How to use the verb To have to like a native speaker 24:29
Section 6: How to pronounce the word "her" like a native speaker 53:12
Section 7: How to use the word him like a native speaker 41:10
Section 8: How to pronounce the word them like a native speaker 31:31
Section 9: To have got to and gotta 26:29
Section 10: Woulda coulda shoulda 48:22
Section 11: Conditional stories 29:29
Section 12: Pronunciation of past tense verbs 1:00:22
Section 13: Little secrets 39:04

About the Instructor

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Hi, my name is Terry, I'm a professional English teacher, and I have taught thousands of students from all over the world in my 12-year career of teaching in language schools and teaching online.

I have helped my students improve their English to help their professional and personal goals with English.

About two years ago I took the step to start recording videos for my students to share my lessons and expertise with English teaching. I want to share my amazing material with thousands instead of just 10 or 12 a week!

I have a university degree in Spanish and English literature, and I’m fluent in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, I have dedicated the past 12 years of my life to teaching English and learning Languages!

I make courses that as an expert linguist, I know will work and help you!

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