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What You Will Learn?

  • Develop Real time and Advances Python Based Applications using advance concepts
  • Enhance your knowledge to a Professional Level
  • Learn to make Games



  • Basics of Python is required
  • Laptop or a PC


Section 2: Magic Functions 1:38:44
Section 3: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 45:39
Section 4: Random Module 12:56
Section 5: Threads 58:05
Section 6: Linked List 2:01:08
Section 7: Comprehension in Python 48:48
Section 8: Beginning Socket Programming 2:06:39
Section 9: Python Advance Comments 10:12
Section 10: Advanced Documentation in Python 25:02
Section 11: Graphs and Numerical Computation using Numpy Module 2:05:11
Section 12: Python Generators 45:27
Section 13: Regular Expressions in Python 1:47:26
Section 14: Databases in Python - SQLite3 2:13:12
Section 15: Descriptors in Python 35:59
Section 16: GUI based Pro YouTube Download Manager using pytube Module 1:41:58
Section 17: Python CoRoutine 32:44
Section 18: Decorators in Python 1:33:06
Section 19: GUI Based Text Editor 2:17:41
Section 20: GUI Based Music Player 1:30:39

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I am a Software Engineer and I and have a strong grip on many programming languages like Java, C++, Python, C Sharp, JavaScript, and many others. I have also a lot of teaching experience, and I realize that Udemy is the best platform to teach the students. I teach students something very new in demand so that students can develop their skills according to the latest market.

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