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What You Will Learn?

  • Understand AWS Lambda
  • Learn About All of the Different Use Cases of AWS Lambda
  • Learn to Run Lambda Functions on the Cloud
  • Learn to Write Application Services
  • Learn to Write Your Own AWS Lambda Functions



  • A Bit of Coding Experience is Recommended
  • A Bit of Experience with Using Command Line / Terminal is Recommended


Section 2: Creating Our First Lambda Function 11:26
Section 3: Expanding Our Knowledge with Lambda & S3 20:29
Section 4: Reacting to Event Streams with Lambda & Kinesis 10:51
Section 5: Creating Data-Driven Apps with Lambda & DynamoDB 11:34
Section 6: Cleaning Up 02:47

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I am not just another I.T. trainer. I teach Cloud because I know it. Inside and out. I've worked as a systems administrator, developer, solutions architect & managing director/general manager for some of the biggest companies in cloud

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