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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn to Understand, Administer and Set Up Kubernetes
  • Be Able to Deploy Kubernetes Clusters, MySQL and Wordpress Kubernetes
  • Start with Containerization and Run Containers on Kubernetes
  • Learn to Use Load Balancing and Make Applications Running on Kubernetes
  • Learn to Run Stateless and Stateful Applications on Kubernetes



  • Basic of Computer Science: Operating Systems and Executive Unit
  • Basics of Docker and Containers
  • Be Comfortable Using Linux, MacOS, or Windows Command-Line (It's Enough to Be Familiar)
  • Basics of Cloud Computing are Helpful


Section 1: Introduction To Kubernetes 1:11:13
Section 2: Kubernetes Setup and Configuration 52:49
Section 3: Docker Fundamentals 1:26:15
Section 4: Pods, Tags and Services 1:59:38
Section 5: Managing Storage in Kubernetes 1:27:56

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