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  • You will learn how to install required tools to develop Android apps
  • You will learn Kotlin for Android
  • You will learn how to develop Android apps based on new versions of this exciting operating system
  • You will learn how to Implement 4 real apps
  • You will learn how to publish your apps on Google Play



  • Nothing!


Section 5: Kotlin - Functions 41:13
Section 6: Kotlin - Immutable and Mutable Collections + Loops 35:21
Section 7: Kotlin - Classes + Enums + Exception Handling 51:33
Section 8: App ( English Stories ) + Activities + List View + Singleton Pattern 58:58
Section 9: App ( My Notes ) + SQLite Database + Activity Life Cycle + Action Bar + Alert Dialog 2:18:45
Section 10: App ( Best Quotes ) + Recycler View +Card View + Intents + Guidelines + Unicode Characters 2:07:00
Section 11: App ( Animating a Spaceship + Best Quotes ) + Animation in Android + Splash Screen 42:33
Section 12: Publishing Your App 20:46

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Hi! My name is Beh, and I love to develop Android and iOS applications. My passion is helping people who are interested in developing applications.

I've helped many enthusiastic students to turn their ideas into reality! Also, most of them are now working for companies as a developer. My favorite hobby is "making hard concepts understandable". I try to make learning as fun and as easy as possible for my students.

I've been teaching for many years, and during these years I've come to a general conclusion that students can also be my guide. Through my students and their questions, I can find out how they think about developing. So I'll be there for you every step of the way.

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