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What You Will Learn?

  • At the end of this course, you will have detailed understanding of REST API Automation Frameworks
  • In-depth understanding of REST API Automation using RestAssured with real time examples
  • You will be able to EXPLAIN, DESIGN and IMPLEMENT structured AUTOMATION FRAMEWORKS using RestAssured Libraries



  • NO AUTOMATION / CODING EXPERIENCE NEEDED, beginners will be easily able to follow this course
  • Windows/MAC computer


Section 2: Java Setup and Installation 25:33
Section 3: Variables and Data Types 29:27
Section 4: Operators and Keywords 27:01
Section 5: JavaScript Functions 45:21
Section 6: JavaScript Objects and Scope 37:11
Section 7: JavaScript Strings 40:41
Section 8: JavaScript Numbers 38:42
Section 9: Arrays 45:58
Section 10: Math and Date Objects 42:30
Section 11: Conditional Statements 34:42
Section 12: Working with Loops 34:32
Section 13: Exception Handling and Debugging 26:25
Section 14: Hoisting and Use Strict 18:00
Section 15: Simple but Important 22:07
Section 16: Forms Validation 20:18
Section 17: HTML DOM 27:22
Section 18: JavaScript Events 27:14
Section 19: Window Objects 46:10
Section 20: Cookies Management 24:29
Section 21: TestNG Framework Setup 20:44
Section 22: TestNG Annotations 1:10:08
Section 23: TestNG Advanced Features 42:42
Section 24: Promo 01:19
Section 25: Conclusion 03:42
Section 26: Build Management With Maven 1:24:14
Section 27: End To End Framework Execution 18:36
Section 28: Practice Exercise 15:40
Section 29: Automation Framework - Part 3 31:09
Section 30: Automation Framework - Part 2 48:01
Section 31: Automation Framework - Part 1 34:53
Section 32: Rest Assured Specifications 29:33
Section 33: Useful Tricks 23:43
Section 34: Rest Assured Assertions 25:54
Section 35: Validating XML Response 16:46
Section 36: Request And Response Logging 19:39
Section 37: Rest Client Setup 12:18
Section 38: RestAPI Testing Using Postman Client 1:02:21
Section 39: RestAssured Setup 22:55
Section 40: RestAPI Automation Overview 1:24:23
Section 41: OAuth Real World Twitter APIs Example 42:03
Section 42: Validating JSON Response 14:53
Section 43: Twitter End-To-End Workflow 21:49
Section 44: TestNG Listeners 52:20
Section 45: TestNG Reports And Logs 12:35
Section 46: RestAPI Introduction 43:25
Section 47: TestNG Parameters And Parallel - Practice Exercise 14:24
Section 48: TestNG DataProviders 13:25
Section 49: TestNG Parameters And Parallel 21:55

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When talking about programming, we believe anyone can code and coding is not something out of this world. Coding can be of different types and in different area, some may want to become a web developer where it's more of front end languages, some choose to become a back-end developer, while some choose to become testers with automation hands on where the the domain is completely different from development. We believe what it needs to learn something is only willingness to learn and everything else comes along with it. We are a group of software professionals with more than 10 years of expertise on different areas of software industries. We excel from software inception to implementation. Our goal is to offer high quality technology courses which suits newbie as well as an intermediate. We focus on the technology which are essential to perform in today's job market.

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