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What You Will Learn?

  • Submit apps to the app store
  • Understand programming & basic algorithms
  • Work fluently with Swift 4 & iOS 12
  • Apply to jr iOS development jobs
  • Work as an iOS contractor





Section 1: Getting Started with iOS 12
Section 2: Introduction to Programming & Swift 4 Basics
Section 3: Git & Version Control
Section 4: Swoosh App- Intro to Interface Builder & Auto Layout in Xcode 10
Section 5: Profile App- Digging Deeper With Auto Layout
Section 6: Window Shopper App- Your First Fully Functional iOS 12 App
Section 7: Computers & Code- Crash Course in Computer Science for Beginners
Section 8: Coder Swag App- Tables & Data in iOS 12
Section 9: Intro to Model View Controller
Section 10: XYZ App - Working with iOS Accelerometer
Section 11: Splitter App- Working With UISplitViewController
Section 12: Slack App- Creating a Slack App & Working With APIs
Section 13: Pixel City App- Mastering Maps in iOS 12
Section 14: Goal Post App- Data Persistence in iOS 12 With Core Data
Section 15: Treads App- Data Persistence With Realm
Section 16: Breakpoint App- Building a Full Stack App With Firebase
Section 17: RNDM App- Using the NEW Firebase Cloud Firestore
Section 18: FoodZilla App- Mastering iOS In-App Purchases
Section 19: Touchy Feely App- Working With iOS Touch ID and Face ID
Section 20: Scribe App- Working With iOS Speech Recognition
Section 21: Working With iMessege And Sticker Packs for iOS 12
Section 22: Shortcut App- Working With 3D Touch on iOS
Section 23: LegDay App- Working With iOS SiriKit
Section 24: 24- Screenie App- Using ReplayKit in iOS
Section 25: RampUp App- Intro to ARKit
Section 26: Vision App- iOS CoreML Basics
Section 27: Animal App- Using iOS 12 New CoreML Models
Section 28: Advanced Swift 4
Section 29: Advanced- Data Structures & Algorithms In Swift 4
Section 30: Advanced Swift 4 Design Patterns- Protocol Oriented Programming
Section 31: Advanced Swift 4 Design Patterns- Reactive Programming With RxSwift
Section 32: Advanced- Unit Testing in iOS 12
Section 33: Advanced- UI Testing in iOS 12

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