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What You Will Learn?

  • How to record video (screencasts, game recordings) with your computer
  • How to stream live to YouTube and Twitch
  • How to integrate community plugins with OBS
  • How to modify the commonly used settings to increase the quality of the recordings
  • How to add in as many source elements as you desire to create a customized video display



  • Download OBS, which is a free app, before you start the tutorial.


Section 1: Overview 05:09
Section 2: Recording Basics 47:26
Section 3: Settings 32:18
Section 4: Streaming 14:30
Section 5: Plugins 06:50
Section 6: Open Broadcaster Studio (New Version) 25:53
Section 7: Updated Guide 2018 - v20.1.1 14:27
Section 8: Companion Software 24:52
Section 9: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 01:23

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As it regards to information technology or to learning in general, my philosophy is quite simple: the best way to learn is through video tutorials. I have created a lot of learning material, and it is up to you, the student, to do your best to absorb the knowledge and practice, so you become more educated and skilled!

You can also find me on my YouTube channel Chris' Tutorials. Check it out to get a taste of my approach to education!

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