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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn most commonly used formulas in the office.
  • Learn excel from beginner to expert.
  • Learn all basic concepts of excel.
  • Learn all advance concepts of excel 2019.
  • Learn how to create pivottable and pivotchart in excel.



  • This course is recorded on excel 2019 but all previous versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and office 365 will work on this course.


Section 1: Creating Excel Tables, Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts 46:07
  • Freezing Header or Row
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  • Filtering Data in an Excel Worksheet and Deleting an Excel Table
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Section 2: Analyzing Sales Data in Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts 34:38
Section 3: Data Validation and Inserting Comments 17:53
Section 4: Analyzing Data in the Table 24:21
Section 5: Analyzing Data with PivotTables 16:20
Section 6: Analyzing Data with Business Intelligence (Power Queries and Trendlines) 20:46
Section 7: Analyzing Data with Business Intelligence (Forecast Sheet) 06:04
Section 8: Analyzing Data with Business Intelligence (Power Pivot,Data Model & Power Map) 37:21
Section 9: Extracting Data from the Website(Power Query,Power Pivot,Pivot Table) 17:26
Section 10: Loading Website Data into Power Map(Power Query,Power Map) 06:51
Section 11: Extracting Data from the Website(Power Query,Pivot Table) 16:36
Section 12: Extracting Football Team Data from the Website(Power Query,Pivot Table) 06:51
Section 13: Analyzing Business Data by using What-If Analysis Tools(Goal Seek,Data Table) 31:21
Section 14: Analyzing Business Data by using What-If Analysis Tools(Scenario Manager) 23:02
Section 15: Analyzing Business Data with Solver 21:36
Section 16: Introduction to Excel 23:29
  • Course Files
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  • Starting With Excel
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Section 17: Calculations With Basic Formulas 23:13
  • Introduction to Arithmetic Operators
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Section 18: Calculations with Simple Excel Functions 22:05
  • Introduction to Function Syntax
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Section 19: Formatting a Worksheet 32:49
Section 20: Saving and Printing a Workbook 15:50
Section 21: Project Calculations with Operators and Functions 25:05
Section 22: IF and VLOOKUP Functions 23:29
Section 23: Adding Chart in an Excel worksheet 15:20
Section 24: Date and Time Functions 42:36
  • WEEKDAY Function
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Section 25: Logical Functions in an Excel 1:01:02
Section 26: Lookup and Reference Functions in an Excel 49:19
  • Nesting the VLOOKUP Function Within an IFERROR Function
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Section 27: Adding Line and Combination Charts in an Excel 07:46
Section 28: Text Functions in an Excel 1:15:10
Section 29: Math and Trigonometry Functions in an Excel 1:02:12
Section 30: Statistical Functions in an Excel 1:04:08
Section 31: Engineering Functions in an Excel 24:51
Section 32: Information Functions in an Excel 1:04:14
Section 33: Database Functions in an Excel 14:42
Section 34: Financial Functions:Borrow Money to Bank 1:22:09
Section 35: Financial Functions:Invest Money in the Bank Saving Account 57:15
Section 36: Financial Functioms:Build Future Income Statement of Company 59:35
Section 37: Financial Functions:Calculate Depreciation of an Asset of Company 39:10
Section 38: Financial Functions:Invest Money in Company 32:40
Section 39: Basic Financial Examples 39:07

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I am a middle school math teacher. I also work in a school office. I create school files in Excel. I prepare finance data of school employee in Excel. I receive school files in Excel from the education department and answer to the education department by using Excel tools. I have four years job experience on working with Excel. I hope if you follow my courses, you will have deep learning materials (Lectures Files, Home Work Exercises Files, Quizzes). I hope that after completing this course you will pass Job Interview Questions about Excel.

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