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48 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Essential Selling Skills For The Ethical Fitness Pro
  • Profitable Pricing Strategies
  • Establishing A Client Base
  • And more!


Section 1: Course Preview & Introduction
Curriculum Overview
Section 2: Module 1 - Develop Your Sales Mindset
Why You Are Cut Out For Selling (Even If You Think You Aren't)
Understanding The Client Purchasing Journey
Key Concepts & Action Steps
Downloadable Worksheet - Identifying Existing Sales Strengths
Module 1 Quiz
Section 3: Module 2 - Identify Your Ideal Client
Identifying Your Ideal Clients - Demographics, Headspace & Hangouts
Identifying Your Ideal Client - Practical Case Studies
Identifying Your Ideal Client - Putting Theory Into Practice
Key Concepts & Action Steps
Downloadable Worksheet - Identifying Your Ideal Client
Module 2 Quiz
Section 4: Module 3 - Profitable Pricing Strategies
Profitable Pricing Strategies - Anchoring
Profitable Pricing Strategies - Reframing
Profitable Pricing Strategies - Developing A Price Guide
Key Concepts & Action Steps
Module 3 Quiz
Section 5: Module 4 - Establish Your Client Base
Establishing A Client Base - From Zero
Establishing A Client Base - Putting Theory Into Practice
Key Concepts & Action Steps
Downloadable Template - Social Media Message
Module 4 Quiz
Section 6: Mid-Course Recap
4-Minute Recap
Section 7: Module 5 - Essential Selling Skills
Essential Selling Skills - Fundamentals
Essential Selling Skills - People Don't Buy Features
Key Concepts & Action Steps
Module 5 Quiz
Section 8: Module 6 - How To Confidently Approach People
Networking Inside Of The Gym
Networking Outside Of The Gym
Key Concepts & Next Steps
Downloadable Template - Creating Your Elevator Pitch
Module 6 Quiz
Section 9: Module 7 - Create Effective Testimonials
Creating Effective Testimonials - Harnessing The Power Of Stories
Creating Effective Testimonials - How & When To Ask
Creating Effective Testimonials - Structure & Presentation
Key Concepts & Action Steps
Downloadable Template - Creating A Testimonial
Module 7 Quiz
Section 10: Module 8 - Close The Sale & Address Objections
The 4-Step Process To Closing A Sale
Addressing Objections
Key Concepts & Action Steps
Downloadable Script & Template Bundle - Overcoming Objections
Module 8 Quiz
Section 11: Course Summary & Next Steps
Course Summary & Next Steps
Section 12: Bonus Resources
Bonus Video - Negotiation Tactics
Downloadable Bonus Guide - How To Spot Tyre Kickers
How to Sell Personal Training - PDF Ebook Version



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