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What You Will Learn?

  • How to play the Piano
  • How to play Songs by ear
  • How to play anything in all 12 keys comfortably
  • How to play the Piano in any style of music
  • Other Piano Skills!



  • You don't need to know anything


Section 2: Getting Started 46:45
Section 3: The Development of Independence between the Right Hand and the Left Hand 18:07
Section 4: Musical Intervals 06:07
Section 5: Scales/Major Scales 52:27
Section 6: Practical Exercises that you can do to master all the 12 Major Scales 56:47
Section 7: Minor Scales/Natural Minor Scales 1:18:53
Section 8: Harmonic Minor Scales 1:15:43
Section 9: Melodic Minor Scales 1:49:01
Section 10: Scale Degrees 14:06
Section 11: More about Musical Intervals 22:30
Section 12: Chords (Triad Chords) 17:43
Section 13: Major Scale Triad Chords 2:07:48
Section 14: Natural Minor Scale Triad Chords 3:07:00
Section 15: Melodic Minor Scale Triad Chords 15:25
Section 16: Harmonic Minor Scale Triad Chords 16:29
Section 17: The Triad Chord Patterns in each Major Scale & in each type of Minor Scale
Section 18: 7th Chords, 6th Chords & Suspended Chords 1:10:48
Section 19: The Seventh Chord Patterns in each Major Scale & in each type of Minor Scale
Section 20: Scale Degrees for Chords (Number System for Chords within a Scale) 02:14
Section 21: Pentatonic, Chromatic and Blues Scales 33:06
Section 22: Chord Inversions & Arpeggios 48:44
Section 23: Sharps & Flats Explained Further and Tasks for you to do 44:05
Section 24: Circle of Fifths 25:27
Section 25: How to Play Songs by ear and with Chords | Chord Progressions 2:32:25
Section 26: The Primary and Secondary Chords in all Major and Minor Scales 54:10
Section 27: Transposition 41:00
Section 28: Developing the ability to be able to play comfortably in all 12 Keys 56:54
Section 29: Rhythms & Improvisation 1:07:31
Section 30: What is a Grace Note | How to use a Grace Note 07:56
Section 31: Passing Chords | Using Diminished & Augmented Triad Chords as Passing Chords 16:40
Section 32: How to use Diminished 7th Chords and the uniqueness of Diminished 7th Chords 27:20
Section 33: How to use an Augmented Triad Chord and the uniqueness of an Augmented Triad Chord 19:15
Section 34: Using 7th Chords in Chord Progressions 11:46
Section 35: How to use Secondary Dominant Chords to add Flavour to your Chord Progressions 39:34
Section 36: How to use Suspended & Diatonic Chords to add Colour to your Chord Progressions 11:43
Section 37: Modulation 31:34
Section 38: Cadences 20:27
Section 39: How to use Suspended Chords and Diminished Chords 18:14
Section 40: Improvisation (filling the empty Spaces in Songs with Piano runs, Licks & Riffs) 18:40
Section 41: Using non-diatonic Chords to add colour to your Chord Progressions 19:12
Section 42: The Sustain Pedal 08:57
Section 43: How to use Music to create different Atmospheres 30:54
Section 44: How to find the key of a song 1:03:46
Section 45: Extended Chords 49:09
Section 46: Chord Voicings and How to use 9th, 11th and 13th Chords 14:09
Section 47: Altered Chords 15:12
Section 48: Section that teaches about Modes 50:53
Section 49: Conclusion 05:02

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