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What You Will Learn?

  • How to Become an Avid YouTube User
  • How to Use YouTube to Earn Money
  • How to Create Good Quality Videos
  • How to Engage Audiences and Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Channel


Section 1: How to Make Money on YouTube
3 Steps to Using Youtube to Drive Traffic to your Site
3 Ways to Market your Youtube Channel
3 SEO Tips for Youtube Videos
5 Methods for Earning Money from YouTube
3 Big Benefits of Using Youtube for Your Business
5 Methods for Getting More Views on Youtube
How Social Media Can Help You to Grow Your Brand
How To Get More Shares On Your YouTube Videos
Why Youtube is Amazing For Marketing
How to Connect with Other Youtubers and Grow Together



  • You Should Have Something You Want to Share With the World
  • You Should Have a YouTube Channel or Be Willing to Create One
  • Be Open to Exposing Yourself to the Internet World

About the Instructor

Alun Hill

International Business Journalist
Reviews 193
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Massive audience
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Alun Hill has taught almost 100,000 people, worldwide, how to make extra money quickly and easily.

Follow Alun Hills lectures, and writing – see the quick, simple ways to improve your business!

He has spent over 40 years running businesses, while also interviewing and working with some of the most famous business people in the world.

Alun has run and managed many hugely successful businesses – all while also producing hundreds of radio and TV broadcasts, articles, and videos, explaining the business to start-ups and established businesses alike.

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