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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn to Build Android-Based Apps
  • Learn Java Skills Required for Android Development



  • Have Android Studio Installed
  • Basic Knowledge on Android
  • Basic Knowledge and Experience with Java


Section 1: Android Intro 2:50:01
Section 2: TextViews And buttons in android 1:14:29
Section 3: Images in Android 34:13
Section 4: Design in Android 50:35
Section 5: Animation in Android 1:01:35
Section 6: Videos App 55:35
Section 7: Audios in Android 39:11

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Hi there!

My name is Abd Alwahab I am an Android developer I am Working as freelancer and I have changed my life with Android Apps. I am here to help you to do the same thing. I started with web development but 2 years ago the World of App Development became great and it's time to create very big Apps For Android.

Building Android apps for me is more than a job. I like to spend most of my time by developing Android Apps and designing them.

Developing Android Apps is my Life :)

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