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What You Will Learn?

  • You will learn how to Drag and Drop 2D Elements using Events in the Canvas.
  • You will learn about for-loops, arrays and lists in C# and all needed coding basics.
  • Understand Unity even better.
  • Complete your maybe very first game.



  • No requirements, but it always helps if you have some basic knowledge about handling Unity.
  • You should be able to use the keyboard and the mouse on your computer. ;)
  • A nice bonus, if you are able to create your own Graphics, to stand out from the mass.


Section 1: Introduction 01:40
Section 2: Basic Game Elements 54:10
  • Unity Setup
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Section 3: Game Systems 2:27:58
Section 4: Ingame Metrics 57:53
Section 5: Menu's, Modes, Fixes, Cleanup 51:39
Section 6: Conclusion & Bonus 05:28

About the Instructor

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I am OctoMan and I have a passion for games. I started to create small projects using Game Maker but now I make games and small apps using the latest and greatest of Unity3D. Unity3D has it all and with my help, you can make 2D and 3D games too!

A little about me:
I’ve always wanted to be an art teacher. So I became a certified 3D Artist. At first I spent my time creating 3D objects but then in 2004 I evolved into a Game Creator with the art skills to back it up. My goals have changed. I not only want to be a game teacher, I want to be your game teacher.

Usually I create tutorials on Youtube for free or requested patreon tutorials.

I create videos about Unity since 2015.

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