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What You Will Learn?

  • The step-by-step process to select the best business idea for you
  • How to come up with an endless stream of business ideas
  • 300 proven and practical business ideas you can start
  • How to validate your business idea without spending money
  • And more!



  • No experience necessary!


Section 1: Introduction: Find a Business Idea You Love and Live the Life You Want
Section 2: Course Overview: How to Find and Develop a Great Business Idea
Section 3: Step #1: Overcome Obstacles such as No Money and No Experience
Section 4: Step #2: 45 Different Ways to Generate Great Business Ideas
Section 5: Step #3: Ask These Key Questions Before You Choose a Business Idea
Section 6: Step #4: Use this Proven Process to Choose the Best Business Idea for You
Section 7: Step #5: Will It Work? How to Validate Your Business Idea
Section 8: Step #6: Determine Who Are Your Ideal Customers
Section 9: Step #7: Decide How You Will Stand Out from the Competition
Section 10: Step #8: Communicate Your Key Competitive Difference
Section 11: Step #9: Find the Perfect Name for Your Business
Section 12: Bonus Videos to Give You an Extra Edge in Starting Your Business
Section 13: Quiz: Have You Mastered the First Steps of Starting a Business?

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