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What You Will Learn?

  • Get more results and ask for raise you deserve at work
  • Engage clients in your talk and close more sales in business
  • Get your points across and be understood with powerful communication skills
  • Help people to change their behaviour and way of thinking
  • Get exactly what you want from your negotiation and meeting



  • Commitment to do exercises shared in this course


Section 1: What are you going to get from this course? 13:02
Section 2: What is conversational hypnosis? What is and is not hypnosis? 1:29:06
Section 3: How to connect with others and establish strong rapport? 52:53
Section 4: Communicate smoothly and hypnotically with impact 19:18
Section 5: Communication with precision - Uncover lost information 31:40
Section 6: How to use hypnotic language patterns to get what you want? 55:01
Section 7: Bonus Tips & The Final Message 12:38

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I am Mayur Bardolia and I can help you deal with challenges that are holding you back.
I can help you get empowered and competent. You will achieve your goals quickly.
I love to work with highly committed people who choose to steer their life in the right, productive direction. I also work with organizations which want to disrupt the usual, unproductive ways of doing things.

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